Model Builder for Excel

Model Builder for Excel 2.2

It's set of tools to develop, analyze, format and maintain models
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With Model Builder for Excel you can perform fast and accurately repetitive and time consuming tasks, such as transposing linked formulas, if formulas, consolidating sheets, swapping data, etc.
Model Builder for Excel will allow you to audit, understand and analyze any model easily: visualize spreadsheet maps, manage internal or external links, manage names, track references, analyze trend charts, and more...
Moreover, Model Builder for Excel will help you organize and document your models and favorite routines or templates.
Model Builder for Excel has been developed for modeling professionals with years of experience helping people make decisions, from simple problems to multimillion projects with two ideas in mind: working faster and more reliably, i.e. making trustworthy decisions in time.
Model Builder for Excel has the most comprehensive set of tools to develop, analyze, audit and maintain models. There is no other tool with such wide range of utilities available in the market. You may need to spend 4 or 5 times as much in multiple products, and even so you wouldn't have all the tools or the support as with Model Builder for Excel.
In this New version 2.3.0 we have added:
New Wizard for the "Consolidator" tool
New Wizard for the "Multi-Sheets Consolidator" tool
Now the "Muti-Sheets Consolidator" allows you consolidate sheets with the same name.
Cosolidator: Now, it consolidates unlimited closed workbooks and unlimited sheets (limited by the computer memory only).
If you purchase Model Builder for Excel or upgrade its minor products, you will be entitled to a 50% discount for the rest of our products.
Also you can upgrade to Model Assistant Suite paying the difference only.

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